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Orca Labs app

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The laboratory application is an application characterized by a user interface that makes it easier for auditors to deal with their laboratory. The auditor can open a new account in several simple and easy steps and control his data and profile at any time.


The application organizes the pre-booking process within the laboratory, as well as the home withdrawal process, in easy steps. The auditor chooses the service, determines the day and hour, pays the service fees, and follows up on his request through the follow-up system and Google Maps. The application also facilitates the process of obtaining laboratory results and referring to them at the time of reviewers, as well as the possibility of downloading and saving them in PDF format. The application is linked to the internal system of the laboratory to obtain results and appointments automatically and in an orderly manner. The system is characterized by the existence of a loyalty program (points system) as well as a system of evaluations. Through an easy and distinct control panel, the tester can manage all sections of the application, as well as manage marketing offers and notifications for auditors.

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Orca Labs app

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